Sevierville, TN

Sunday, December 13, 2020


The Official 2020 Santa Hustle® Smokies Charity is House Of Hope.

House of Hope is a non-profit organization founded to provide food and shelter for orphaned children in Montrouis, Haiti. But in Haiti, “orphans” are a symptom of a poverty-stricken country, not a lack of love. That’s why House of Hope is committed to furthering education, community development and women’s empowerment to empower and equip families. House of Hope focuses on orphan care (providing food, shelter, and education) to children; sustainable farming; women’s empowerment through micro-loan programs and educational workshops; community development through a primary school, College Mixte Le Refuge School; and a boy’s soccer program. It is the hope of House of Hope to disrupt poverty through enriching the community we serve.

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